Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Top 10 (x, why?) Comics of 2009

The Top 10 Comics of 2009
by number of hits on the site, as measured by Google Analytics.

This doesn't account for the number of times that people landed on the main page and read whatever was there. Also, it doesn't account for the fact that Comic Genesis had its own counting service, which was discontinued, so I didn't start the GA account until after 2009 had already begun.

One again, there were a number of 2008 strips that were clicked on in 2009, mostly from the start of the run, telling me that people went back to the beginning, read a bunch and, sadly, gave up. Hopefully, they decided just to read the newer comics. Maybe I've aged well.

1. Electron Day, Part 2 (Go figure. I can't.)
2. Combining Like Terms (More like it.)
3. Circle in the Square (Which became a crossover comic.)
4. Plotting (A personal favorite)
5. Speed Limit II
6. Through a Window Darkly, Part IV (Yes, Part IV!)
7. Through a Window Darkly, Part III
8. But Wait, There's More! (More Ronco than Billy Mays)
9. Pizza Day
10. Guess and Check

Pizza Day also has the honor of being the comic with the most Diggs with 12. A low number to be sure, but way ahead of second place, which has 4.

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Spiked Math said...

The power of StumbleUpon :D
"Plotting" is my favorite on that list.