Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lunacon 2009 Report

In brief: it was a good time. Saw some friends that I haven't seen since the last con, and got to talk to some people that I met briefly last year.

One of them was Laura Anne Gilman, who autographed my newly-purchased copy of THE SHADOWS BETWEEN, a Poltergeist: The Legacy novel, written under the name L.A. Liverakos. This was sometime after I mentioned the fact that I was trying to avoid buying more media tie-in novels. Sorry, but most of them are awful. However, I have hope for this one because I made a bit of a fool of myself when I discovered that she had co-written DEEP WATER, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel with Josepha Sherman, a book that I read within the past year. I remembered Sherman's connection to the book, but not Gilman's.

Okay, so I felt like an oxymoron minus the oxy. I was introduced by a mutual friend and stopped by one of her panels. Shame on me for spacing out on her name until this year. In my defense, she was introduced to me only as "Laura Anne" ... No, not much of a defense. Now I have to find my copy of Deep Water and ask them both to sign it next year.

In other news, I re-used my Joker costume from last Halloween. Not the Heath Ledger Joker, but the costume I had in 1989. It still fit 20 years later. (It was a little big on me back then.) One guy asked why I wasn't wearing a fake mustache covered in white face paint. Ah, maybe next year.

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