Friday, September 23, 2022

(x, why?) Mini: Right Angles

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Saying the answer is one thing. When they show their work, it's just divine.

I've used Angels before with Angles jokes, but I'm covering angles in Geometry class right now, so they are on my mind. Likewise, I'm seeing a lot of reposting of a Hell's Angles comic on social media. I can laugh and say that I used Hell's Angles in a Super-Stick-Man comic back in the 1980s, which was reprinted on the Comic Genesis site about a decade ago.

I'm hoping for more updates soon. Barring that, I need to write things down as they occur to me. I say things in class and a joke will occur to me. Or I'll searching something and the suggestion for what I'm typing gives me an idea ... but then they're gone and forgotten. So when I do find time to create, I'm starting from zero. Still, I don't want to be a once per week comic, so it'll get better.

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