Sunday, June 02, 2024

The Kickstarter for "A Bucket Full of Moonlight" has begun!

I'm really late in this announcement. But you can see that I've been off my blogs for sometime now.

There are seven books in this Tenth Anniversary of eSpec Books Kickstarter event:

The books being launched are Aeros & Heroes by Ef Deal, A Curse of Time and Vengeance by Christine Norris, Checkmate by Ty Drago, A Bucket Full of Moonlight by Christopher J. Burke, Feat of Clay by Keith R.A. DeCandido, Aleyara’s Descent by Christopher L. Bennett, and The Pharaoh's Cat by Lisanne Norman.

A Bucket Full of Moonlight has 30+ stories, most of which started as ideas or paragraphs on reddit in r/WritingPrompts, which were later imported into my own subreddit r/xwhy. (That’s my username on reddit.)

Several stretch goals have already been unlocked, including an additional short story, previously published, but with an additional, never-before-seen ending to it.

Final note: YOU CAN BE IN MY BOOK! One of the Pledge Levels is a "Tuckerization" of my book. That means that one of the side characters will be renamed for the person who pledges this amount. There are up to THREE characters available to be renamed in the book.

Check it out!

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