Friday, June 21, 2024

School Life #42: Oh Well

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It's amazing the little tidbits I remember from odd Jeopard categories or other game shows.

It works both ways, when some odd thing I remember from my life turns out to be an answer.

One quick Final Jeopardy stories: years ago my brother Stephen told me a philosophy joke (seriously). I've since heard it repeated numerous times using Plato and Socrates. But Stephen used Satre and Camus. I've encountered Satre's name since then but really know nothing about him. The clue on Jeopardy wanted to know who Satre was refering to when he said (some quote). I'm sitting at home thinking, "How the hell should I know? Camus!"

And the answer was Camus. And none of the contestants got it.

As for this joke, it was something that occurred to me in class, and then I realized that I do have a character named Mark. Except that Mark has been shown, I believe, to be one of the smarter students.

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