Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Looking Back

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I've had a lot of students over the years. In the comic, I mean.

The Island Boys were a couple of foils for Mike Keegan during the time that he was away from his old school. Mike's placement "in excess" mirrored my own. And like Mike, I, too, returned to my former school. Unlike Mike, I was placed in excess a second time, and only returned to substitute during a colleague's maternity leave. But I brought Mike home where he belonged.

The funny thing about my stay on "the Island" was that I taught Algebra, Financial Algebra, and Geometry. The latter of those seemed to spark a bunch of ideas that were logic-based. This could be because I taught some much Algebra in the past, that this was a new lode to mine. Whatever the reason, I was contacted about the use of some of my comics for a Logic textbook in the University of Stockholm. I gave permission immediately. Ironically, for all the comics I'd done with other students, these two popped in several of the nine comics selected for the text.

The inspiration for this look was that there were several young men in my classes that had that haircut. In particular, there were two who weren't quite Patti Duke identical cousins, but they were close enough alike that if only one was present, I wasn't also sure which one he was. (When both were there, I could tell from their complexion.)

Oddly enough, I keep in contact with a few students I taught there through social media. (Not any with that haircut.) Two became teachers, and one of those is also a nightclub singer and a member of the Friar's Club. (I kid you not.)

As for Ms. Moira (last name pending, I think), five years ago she was introduced as one of the original batch of students grown up and working as a student teacher. Now, she's part of the staff after covering Michele's maternity leave.

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