Monday, October 24, 2022

Happy 15 Years!

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Still Crazy after 15 years!

No, the original classroom didn't have a door. In fact, the back wall was white for a while as well. I think the first classroom with detail was for the Eggoids. (I don't use those much any more.)

Of the students appearing here, Hal appeared first, but in a comic with Mike as a student. An identical character appeared again with Shawn, who quickly became the de facto leader of the students, for no reason in particular. Sven came next, and Daisy was the last one (of these four) added. And, yes, they all came from the same model for a student, unlike Missy or Vanessa, or Bibi, Freedom and Serenity.

So another year come and gone. And I'm still doing it, even if the updates aren't as often. (I really wanted to have some Halloween movies this year, as I always do.) But as time permits, I'll be here.

Edit: and you'd think after 15 years, I'd get the timers correct! sigh...

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