Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 2014 Geometry Regents Discussion Thread, Part 1

Note: At the moment, this is most a placeholder for a later discussion.

The New York State Geometry Regents exam has ended in most of the state, excepting unusual situations, such as late rooms, time extensions and conflict rooms. Because of these special circumstances, I'll refrain from talking specifics for a couple more hours. At some point later this afternoon, I'll edit this thread and start posting information about the exam itself.

Don't let that get in the way of leaving any comments or impressions you have about the exam.

Overall, it was a "doable" test. (I hate that word. But "test" isn't a much better word.) There were three questions about the equation of a circle, like there always seems to be.

The final proof was a little ridiculous in the way it was presented. The statements were given, you just had to come up with the reasons. I have to admit, that I had to go back to the book to find the "proper" wording for the very last statement because I kept looking at it from an Algebra lens not a Geometry lens. I knew what it was supposed to say, but I just wasn't 100% sure on how to say it. But, that's me. Hopefully, that wasn't you. The one good thing about the fill in the blank approach is that students who would otherwise max out at 1 or 2 points had a shot at half-credit or more.

And, yes, I still look through the prism of getting more students to 65 than I do getting them "the best score possible" because the latter students don't need my help as much and the outcome generally isn't as critical. The "best bang for the buck" is getting as many kids to pass as possible.

So before I sign off: does anyone have any comments or questions to focus on? Should I start with open-ended or multiple-choice? Your call.


Unknown said...

Can you disscuss part 1

(x, why?) said...

Here is the link to the thread with the Multiple Choice answers. The questions themselves aren't copied, but the topics are identified.

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working link: