Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

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(C)Copyright 2013, C. Burke.

Okay, so a lot less elaborate than last year, but also more applicable to what I'm teaching.

And I do have to adjust my watch on the first day of any month after a month with fewer than 31 days. Unless I wear the digital watch, of course.


dflak said...

I proposed a calendar wherein each month started on Sunday the first and ended on Saturday the 28th.

So there would be 13 months accounting for 364 days. The extra day would be called New Year’s day and would be part of the new year, but not part of a month or week. It would simply slip into the calendar between Saturday the 28th of month 13 and Sunday the 1st of month 1, assuring a three-day weekend without shortening a work week on either side.

In a leap year, you can have leap day which will be part of the last year and be between Saturday the 28th of month 13 and New Year’s Day: a four-day weekend with no shortening of the work week.

There are two main objections to this calendar: one by calendar makers (who needs a calendar when every month, indeed every year is the same). The other is cultural: there are 13 Friday the 13th.

(x, why?) said...

Well, one good thing is if you got married on a Saturday night, your anniversary would always be Saturday, you could always go out.

Valentines Day would always be Saturday (if it weren't moved, that is).

Of course, some people would be annoyed that their birthday always fell on, say, Tuesday and they had to work.

Now that I think of it -- is there any reason to still have seven days in a week if we're going to have 13 instead of 12 months?

(x, why?) said...

I wouldn't put this as one of my favorite comics ... not even my favorite New Years comic. And yet it's topping the charts as the most-viewed.


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