Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Internet's Back ... Now, about that Algebra II / Trigonometry Regents ...

My Internet connection appears to be working ... for now. I'm having phone line issues at home. We'll figure it out.

I was busy proctoring the early exam at work and then filling out miscellaneous paperwork, so I didn't get a chance to wish Good Luck (or "Good Skill" because you don't need "luck") to all the students taking today's Algebra II/Trigonometry Regents exam in New York.

I haven't seen the exam ... I wasn't around the side of the school where it was being administered where I could sneak it and peruse a copy of it. So I'll have to wait for a copy to be uploaded or hope that a copy is floating around the office tomorrow.

Odds are that I won't review the entire thing. Like last year, I'll focus on the questions which could be worked out by my Algebra I class (or any Alegbra review class, which has finished a complete year of Algebra.) I'll play it be ear when I see the exam.

On the other hand, I might skip it for the time being and just focus on the Geometry and Algebra Regents being given over the next two days.

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