Saturday, January 10, 2009

Outliers and Outright Liars

Just to demonstrate how statistics can lie or, at least, disguise the actual numbers, take a look at the hit counts for the Comic Genesis page.

Take a look at the Average Daily Visits and the Average Daily Hits for the last few months:

Sep 2008951297
Oct 2008881243
Nov 200879878
Dec 20082593411

Hey! I suddenly got popular! People are showing up in droves every day!
Not quite.

Here's the daily breakdown:

On Dec. 16, I had 3,464 visitors, who made 52,121 hits on my pages, mostly due to a one-day link in the News section of Irregular Webcomic, after the pseudo-crossover. Sadly, the large majority of them didn't come back. I could figure out what my average would be excluding that one day, but I'm afraid to.

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