Monday, January 19, 2009

Is anyone else having trouble viewing the comics?

For some reason, I can't see the last five or six comics on my site, even though they were there this morning. They're stored on a geocities website and their server is having a problem, I guess. So I uploaded new copies ... but I still have the same problem.

The weirder thing is that I can't see the last two comics at Comic Genesis even though they were there yesterday and this morning! And those images are stored on the CG server!

Update: The Fantasy Island cartoon was copied at Carnival of Mathematics blog, and there have been quite a few visitors to this and the comic genesis site because of it. That might be the reason why some of the newer images are unavailable.

Update 2: Things seem to be back to normal ... except my banner is missing. I'm working on it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry if that was my fault. But I'm glad if more people found your comics.

I think they're funny. Need more options than just xk..


(x, why?) said...

I don't think it was although I noticed that one image that you linked from the comic genesis site was having problems, too.

All the images on this blog are stored on a different website just because that's how I was doing it before I started the CG page.

And I have to thank you for all the extra traffic that you sent to both websites. I do this for my own enjoyment, but seeing that others are checking it out and coming back is definitely part of the fun!