Tuesday, January 06, 2009

One Thing Worse Than . . .

Today we start a new feature here at (x, why?) called One Thing Worse Than . . . because it is better to take out our frustrations with our keyboards on the Internet than to use a baseball bat on an object such as a vending machine or a skull.

There are many of life's little annoyances that can be tolerated to some degree, but every so often something happens that's just a little worse, something that takes the situation just a little more out of your control.

Feel free to guess which of these happened this morning, and feel free to join in with your own as well.

You know what's one thing worse than having a vending machine repeatedly spitting out your dollar?
Standing behind a guy whose dollar is being repeatedly spit out by the machine.

You know what's one thing worse than being stuck behind a garbage truck?
Being stuck behind a guy who has plenty of room to pass that garbage truck but just won't do it.

Okay, I feel a little better.
Back to the cartoons tomorrow.

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