Wednesday, October 11, 2023


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Like verdant is a color, not that verdant is like vermilion.

For those unaware, vermilion is red. It isn't green.

I was going to spell it "vermillion" in the dialogue, but I wasn't sure if it would read as a typo instead of a misunderstanding, which would make it more "mathy".

I'm aware that theis is the longest break between comics that I've ever had in these many, many years. I didn't realize just how long it was. Sadly, whatever comics occurred to me in the past month went down a memory hole. They might arise if I'm in the same situation. All I can say is, if they didn't stick with me, then I hope that they weren't worth doing in the first place.

Writing continues, and I'm near the book of completing my first pair of stories for self-publishing (in one title). I just want to be well along the way to having the second pair done before putting the first one out. I don't want readers to wait a month between episodes either.

I also write Fiction!

You can now order Devilish And Divine, edited by John L. French and Danielle Ackley-McPhail, which contains (among many, many others) three stories by me, Christopher J. Burke about those above us and from down below.
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Anonymous said...

Hello Burke. Ive been watching for 15 years wow

(x, why?) said...

I'm always happy to hear from a long-term reader and/or fan. (Instead of the usual spam posts)

No reason to be Anonymous. I'm not controversial, I hope.

Anonymous said...

I think that you may be controversial, because one of your comics from a while ago had an acute angle joke. Some people don't like triangles because they're a little too pointy.
-Same guy as before :D

Unknown said...

Nice adaptive reuse of a gag that's shown up in a totally different venue in separate decades of this new century.

// Bill in Boston

(x, why?) said...

I didn’t even make the joke about going to the cinnabar for pastries.

The comic actually came out of some social media friends having problems with vermilion being red and not green. I’m not sure that the punchline emphasizes that enough.