Friday, October 13, 2023

Movie Functions Quiz #2

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I was surprised that I did the first one of these in 2016, which was seven years ago. It got enough feedback that I knew I wanted to do it again. Not too soon, but not seven years later either. And the funny thing is that I found the original worksheet I had with enough movie titles for three or four comics.

Answers will be posted, if necessary. Probably won't be, given the internet. I checked, and there shouldn't be typos, which I was accused of last time. (In particular, I think it was "Bridge of Spies" that people were stumbling over, asking if it should've been s(b), for a different movie title, which, offhand, I forget what they thought the answer was.


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Gus said...

Man, this too tough! when are the answers getting posted? I NEED TO KNOW NOW!