Monday, January 16, 2023

Quality Scale

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You can't rush greatness, except with lots of money. You can't rush whatever this is, either, because there is no money.

I was going to change it to Time vs Effort, and leave money out of it, but effort takes time.

And for the past couple of weeks, when I've had the time, I didn't have the energy (okay, maybe that and time would've worked). I did have ideas for 12/31/22 and 1/1/23 comics but by the time I got to do them, I didn't want to back-date them, even with 2023 copyright dates on them.

Hopefully more this week. I'd like to see this strip make it to 2000 before I stopped. No, 2001 would be more appropriate.

Thanks for being here. You are here, right? Feel free to comment if you're here. Unless you're selling carpets or test prep classes or something like that.

Also, at some point, I need to upload my last for Math Calendar solutions for the people who aren't on the blog. I might adapt one or two of them into comics (which I've done before).

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