Thursday, April 29, 2021

Piecewise Functions

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All we are saying is give absolute value, a circle and the y-axis a chance.

I'm guessing that this joke occurs to me every time I have to cover the material in class, which leaves me wondering if I've done this joke before or not. Longtime fans might remember a previous occurrence. All google products are incredibly slow on the machine I'm currently using today. Isn't that odd? You know what else is odd? [Pause and wait for the audience to shout out the answer.] Yeah, I might use that gag again, too.

I mean, c'mon. I've been doing this for over 13 years now. And Wikipedia still won't acknowledge it.

During a continuous month of blogging back in May of 2014, I already have a write-up of piecewise functions (along with a joke about the Indy 500).

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