Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Distance with Interest

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Alt tagline: If Kevin Costner does a math movie, it should be called Distance with Interest.

These two formulas gave me one of the most hilarious moments in teaching. I taught both of these formulas, along with other material, and had a quiz at the end of the week. Too tired to come up with different numbers for my version B quiz, I just flipped questions 4-6 with 7-9. This should have been immediately obvious to anyone who copied an answer after reading the question. It led to a student telling me that the time it takes a racecar traveling 200 mph to complete a 500 mile race was $4,192.

Still a classic, after all these years.

The runner-up for that test was the kid who did long division to get 2 R1. ("This is Algebra. We don't 'remainder 1' here.") The student next to him wrote 2.1 without any indication how he got that answer. I had to explain "remainder 1" and "point 1" are usually not the same thing.

For anyone wondering, no, we don't cover modulo, the remainder function, in Algebra 1.

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