Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New York State Geometry Regents, June 2015 Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the New York Geometry Regents (non-Common Core) exam. Part 1 will be posted when it is typed up. (I'm only one man. With a job. Working a lot of Overtime.) These were scanned in, obviously, which made it a little easier. Parts 3 and 4 are here.

Part 2

29. The measures of the angles of a triangle are in the ratio 5:6:7. Determine the measure, in degrees, of the smallest angle of the triangle.


According to the rubric I read, work wasn't required because it's something that could be done in your head (flipping two numbers). But don't make a mistake in what you did write.


I hope you remembered to use the slant height and not the height.

32. Using a compass and a straightedge, locate the midpoint of AB by construction.

The perpendicular bisector was not required so long as there were marks to indicate how the midpoint was arrived at. There should be a midpoint if there is no bisector.



An incenter is formed from three angle bisectors. That fact is necessary in solving the problem.


Unknown said...

Thank you for putting this up it really takes of Some of my anxiety. Do you know when is the regents website ones are going to be without a password so I can check my answers for all the other regents I took?

(x, why?) said...

No clue. Probably not before you see your grades. I don't know what all the secrecy is about after the tests have been taken -- unless they use a single password for all of the exams.

Rose C said...

Thanks again so much for doing all of this work --- and yes, there is a lot of secrecy over all of these regents. Maybe they gave them after the date listed?

(x, why?) said...

They aren't supposed to give the tests anytime other than the time printed on the exam. There was a big stink during the snowstorm this past January when they wanted to cancel the exams. It was the only time in recent memory when they allowed tests to be given later in the week, even though the questions (at the very least the material) was known in some parts of the state before others took the test.

Anonymous said...

thank you soooo much for this!!! Not trying to bug you but do you know when you will be able to post part 1?

(x, why?) said...

It was posted yesterday.