Wednesday, August 07, 2013

If I Wrote the State Exams . . .

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(C)Copyright 2013, C. Burke.

Alternate Title: 'Why I'm Not Allowed to Write State Exams'


Anonymous said...

$27,200,004.98 for the trip
$4,080,000.75 for the tip
$31,280,005.73 Total

Assuming that take-off and landing were on the day side of the planets, there is no night surcharge. In space you would always be in the sunlight (day).

Unknown said...

So much for "to the nearest dollar!!

(x, why?) said...

There would always be sunlight, but the Moon and the stars would always be out. Kind of like a sun shower, I guess.

I'm surprised no one complained about the accuracy of "nearest dollar" when the distance is rounded to the nearest million miles!