Wednesday, January 04, 2012

More About My Dad

My father's eulogy is posted on my writing blog.

Below is a picture of one of the Christmas presents I just gave him.

When we were little, we joked he was as old as the dinosaurs. When he got older, we still joked he was old. This was the "funny" gift, which he liked better than the "real" gift (a nook, he liked reading and liked Barnes and Noble). Everyone loved it.

My sister thought we should have it in the funeral parlor, and it lightened people's spirits. Priests for two parishes commented on it, one at the funeral parlor, and the other at Dad's parish. There was a moment of laughter when father said, "I didn't know that about God."

It was an impulse buy that I almost didn't get because I didn't know if he'd laugh or be insulted. Now I just wish that he'd had the chance to wear it. But he has it with him.

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