Monday, January 23, 2012

If You're Interested...

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If you're interested in a problem with four funny math 'numbers'.

To some of the guys I work with, all paper currency is imaginary dollars...


Anonymous said...

Could someone explain this, please? What is the value of phi?
Principal = pi(1 + phi)*ei, where * = exponent

(x, why?) said...

phi = (1 + sqrt(5))/2,
the golden ratio

Anonymous said...

I get a different answer:
P = pi(1+phi/100/e)^(ei) = 3.14 + 0.051i
(according to google's calculator)

(x, why?) said...

Ah, i see a problem. I can't get Google calculator to work, but I see what happened here.

Wolfram alpha uses a different phi in the equation, so I had to use a workaround. I think somewhere along the way, I lost the /100.

Well, I didn't. Mr. Keegan did. He should be more careful when he's playing with those numbers. Silly cartoon character. He should know enough to get this stuff right.

Anonymous said...

Re Google Calculator: If you copy/paste "pi(1+phi/100/e)^(e i)" into a google search, it should work. (Note the space between the e and the i.)

Yesterday I started with phi (to confirm that google knew what it was) and then step-by-step built the rest of the expression around it. But putting it all in at once should work just fine too.