Saturday, June 26, 2010

Self-Promotion, the Results

So I self-promoted my "Self-Promotion" comic because I wanted to either be ironic or be whatever it is that people call "ironic" but really isn't but makes English teachers rip their hair out.

I expected downvotes and negative reviews and comments from those that saw the URL and the user id of the poster (both containing "xwhy" in them) without clicking on the link to see that that was part of the joke. The jokes back on me.

The results: 260+ views on Stumbleupon, with no comments and no one listed as liking it; 150 visits from reddit, with 4 up votes and 3 down votes, and no comments; and no one saw it on digg, except me.

On the other hand, David Morgan-Mar posted a link on his Facebook page. Over 700 hits, 11 people liked it, with two comments.

Self-promoting doesn't pay. Especially when you have a small, select audience to begin with. I'm happy to have you.

1 comment:

Spiked Math said...

I find that Stumbleupon people rarely leave nice comments. If I were to count it would probably be like 20 negative comments for every good/neutral comment :P

Digg is tough to get views from as you experienced.

Reddit is very selective and if you spend enough time on the site you can predict the type of content they like (and then "game the system" as some people do).