Thursday, June 17, 2010


(Click on the cartoon to see the entire image.)
(C)Copyright 2010, C. Burke. All rights reserved.

The character, 'Leven Hex, dates back to April 2008, but I held off because I had just done a comic book strip at the end of March, and I ran
hex-based 0'Factor instead.
And then I never got around to doing this one. Things happen.

I spent a lot more time on this one than I had expected to. And I probably could've spent even more, but I had to finally let it go. And then I updated it again this morning because I thought it was too tall and there was a lot of empty, blue sky. And I still didn't get around to adding any grass by the pond, or mixing any green in the water.

If you're curious, I looked through a lot of covers to find the right look.

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