Saturday, July 19, 2008

(x, why?) and Land of the Lost Trivia

Something interesting turned up while I was preparing yesterday's comic. When I went to double-check the spelling of Enik's name, I started reading more about the show and the actors.

Rick Marshall was played by Spencer Milligan. He left the series after the second season. He then went on to do a TV movie called The Keegans. I seriously had no knowledge of that before I had Mike Keegan musing about his Land of the Lost and Doctor Who crossover.

To take this one step farther, Milligan was replaced by Ron Harper who had been in the TV series, "The Planet of the Apes". I double-checked that in the Internet Movie Database because I couldn't remember if he played Burke or Virdon. He was Virdon. Had he been Burke, that might've been too many co-incidences even for me. And I love this stuff.

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