Thursday, July 24, 2008


The following was a review of (x, why?) that appeared in on a blog that no longer exists. It was found in the cache when Googling.

Friday, February 22, 2008

(x, why?)

(x, why?) by Chris Burke

(x, why?) is an MS Paint comic about math, as drawn by high school math teacher Chris Burke. The fact that it's clearly intended for his students makes me want to excuse how dull, corny and poorly drawn it is. Teachers make these sort of things all the time- but they generally don't put them on ComicGenesis. It seems like a poor decision on his part since he already had the comic on a blog, which is a more reliable host than CG- though having a CG account makes a comic more likely to get hits, those people aren't really his target audience. Maybe this decision was inspired by the success of xkcd.

The jokes are mildly funny if you're into math. This one in particular got a little smile out of me. The author recognizes that his comic isn't very good and just draws it to amuse himself and his students. It just seems so innocent I can't snark on it. Few webcomics are. So comic on, Mr. Burke.

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