Monday, January 22, 2024

Giving 100%

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When you give all you have to give, that's giving 100%. The math checks.

I find it hard to believe that I have not used the A.P. character in close to seven years, not that it's easy to search. I do have an "AP" tag, but I only used it 3 times. (I have since added it to a couple other entries.) And, apparently, I haven't used his name in the comments. (Unless I have a change of heart, it'll be Dexter Locke.)

This was actually going to be posted after a long day of grading yesterday (Sunday). And then my PC froze. I didn't want to reboot and lose stuff, so I waited it out. Usually, it unfreezes in about a half hour from whatever background process it decides to run. This time, it was frozen into the evening after the point where I didn't want to sit at the PC. And it was still hanging this morning. I unplugged it.

Funny thing is that I do have a new PC right next to it, but it doesn't have all the software tht I like and it doesn't have all the files on it yet. I know, I should just migrate everything already. I'm getting to it.

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