Tuesday, November 14, 2023

School Life 37: Even #s

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That's some sharp thinking.

I did recently have to write "All the even #s" on the board recently, refering to numbered images, not actual numbers, and I wondered if everyone in class knew what the "#" symbol meant in this context. I could've asked, but some of them were too busy staring at their phones and scribbling things on their paper that looked like what I wrote on a smart board with my finger on the opposite end of the classroom (because they always sit in the back, regardless of their eyesight).

For some of new older readers, in computer lingo the # symbol is called a "hash", so a tag (a name or phrase) beginning with a hash symbol would be a "hashtag". Members of the younger generation would read their tweets and another "Hashtag" before reading the tag instead of just "hash". Shaun did just that in the comic.

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