Thursday, December 22, 2022

Long Lay The World...

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Pining for the fjords. Or for presents. Or something.

My apologies if I've done this one before. I know I've thought it before.

It's a crazy time. I've come up with a couple of good ones, but the fact that I don't remember them a day later tells me that they weren't that memorable. I've been listening to Christmas music radio, so anything inspired by a song would reoccur to me should I hear it again. Much like the above comic.

I do have one more comic that I might start for next year because it'll take time that I don't have. Plus I have a couple other thoughts that I need to use this year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year to everyone out there who has kept me going. I plan on updating again before Sunday, but if I don't make it, I want it printed now.

Thank you everyone. I appreciate you whether you post or not. Especially those who post when I don't make math errors, but when I do, too.

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