Monday, March 27, 2017

Algebra 2 Problems of the Day

The following problems were taken from the ALGEBRA II (Common Core) Regents Exam given on Friday, January 27, 2017.
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Part 1

9. Gabriel performed an experiment to see if planting 13 tomato plants in black plastic mulch leads to larger tomatoes than if 13 plants are planted without mulch. He observed that the average weight of the tomatoes from tomato plants grown in black plastic mulch was 5 ounces greater than those from the plants planted without mulch. To determine if the observed difference is statistically significant, he rerandomized the tomato groups 100 times to study these random differences in the mean weights. The output of his simulation is summarized in the dotplot below.

Given these results, what is an appropriate inference that can be drawn?

(2) There was an effect observed that could be due to the random assignment of plants to the groups.

10. If p(x) = abx and r(x) = cdx, then p(x) • r(x) equals

(3) ac(bd)x
p(x) • r(x) = abx • cdx = ac • bx • dx = ac • (bd)x

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