Monday, September 05, 2016

The Interview

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(C)Copyright 2016, C. Burke.

There was a shortage of teachers. There was an excess of teachers. There were positions to fill. There were no openings.

Basically, there are lousy schools no one wants to be at, and great schools no one would want to leave. There are schools that do things by the book. There are schools that play games with the books.

I thought about doing another Big Back-To-School Production Number, but there are a couple of problems

  1. I need to think of a good one that's recognizable, or easily referenced
  2. I need time to write the words for the lyrics
  3. I need time to create (or find) artwork to support it
  4. I usually need to edit them down to a manageable size
  5. And I have to start thinking about all of that long before I actually do start thinking about all of that.

Good luck to all the teachers going back, or who have already gone back. Have a great year!

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