Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Funny How Things Work Out

It had been my intention, if I could muster the discipline and determination, to have a new comic each day this week because I'm off. Funny how things work out. It seems like every day is booked with something, the first three days being the worst. Sure, I might have something by Thursday, but that's hardly "every day" of the week. That's catch-up time.

There will be an update, and if I can spend Friday working on things, I'll plan out next week ahead of time. I hope. And next Monday and Tuesday are professional development conferences, meaning that I might be sketching little cartoons in the margins during the boring bits as topics present themselves.

And, of course, by "funny", I mean exactly the opposite.

1 comment:

GregT said...

I know this feeling well. It had been my intention to get all my posts buffered during March Break a month ago. Nope - still updating things on Saturday night. Somehow there's always something else.