Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Devil's Staircase

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(C)Copyright 2011, C. Burke. All rights reserved.

Up a steep and very narrow stairway.
It wasn't paradise. It wasn't paradise. It wasn't paradise...
But it was Valentines Day.
Happy Valentines Day

* * *

Today's comic, number 666, by the way, was both fortuitous and serendipitous. Permit me to explain.

One of the problems with having a sporadically published comic is the difficulty in planning certain comics for specific days.

A few months back, I had an idea for comic number 666, and I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget it when the time came. Well, I've checked and checked, and I can't find where I wrote it. So now I needed a new gag, and I had a deadline: the comic after comic 665.

Had I been keeping to my regular schedule of 3 updates per week, I would have reached this milestone at least a month ago, if not sooner. As it turned out, 666 would show up on Valentines Day instead. Great! How do I combine those two themes?

A little web searching and suddenly I was reading up on the Devil's Staircase.
Serendipity. Worked for me.

Toss in the romance of Dante and Beatrice, with a dash of A Chorus Line,
and BAM!, I'm done.


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