Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Video: the Counting Principle

A few summers back, I had to make a video for a summer grad class at NYIT. The course was online, and the work was uploaded to the professor.

I took the occasion of the lazy days of June and the installation of new Smart boards to show my students. They love a chance to make fun.

Now, I've uploaded the video to TeacherTube so it'll be there when I work on another presentation for yet another professional development class on Notebook tools. The video was shot all in one take, and updating it with a title page is now on my list of Things to Do This Summer. That, and finding a different home for it, without the pop-up ads.

The video is The Counting Principle.

Update June 2017: I took out the dead links to "Teacher Tube" -- if it still exists, it isn't at that web address anymore.
Also, I have no idea why my video is edited down -- at least a minute before the credits is missing.

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