Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lunacon and my Irish/Klingon T-Shirt

So I was at Lunacon 2011 at Rye, NY this past weekend. Happening right after St. Patrick's Day, I brought a couple of T-shirts, which I had bought at the Great Irish Fair at Coney Island last summer.

One of them had a Celtic knot similar to the Triquetra, only more knotted, with the following written across it: I Swear to Drunk, I'm Not God.

Amusing as that is to me, I did get a couple of double-takes from passersby because I'm thinking that they, in a possibly sleep-depraved state, saw a Klingon symbol before seeing it for what it truly was.

And speaking of funny looks, I got a kick out of something that happened on Saturday morning. I got my first official "I'm Not Sure if I Know You, So I'm Just Gonna Nod" nod. I'm usually on the other end of that nod after trying to start conversations with people whom it turned out I hadn't actually met over the last 25, er 15 years we've both been attending.

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