Monday, November 22, 2010

It's About Time

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B.C. or not B.C, that is the question ...

You know why there is no metric time? Because they tried it and everyone thought it was stupid.
A cm is not the same as an inch, a meter is not a yard, a liter is not a quart, so "BCE" should not be the same as "B.C."

If they need a new calendar with a different start date, might I suggest "After Ford"?


S. Keller said...

Some people, who are not of the Christian persuasion, prefer not to acknowledge Jesus of Nazareth as "christ" or "dominus".

(x, why?) said...

Then feel free to use a different calendar. The Chinese have one, if you like their zodiac system.

But you implicitly acknowledge him while using the calendar centered on his birth while simultaneously fail to acknowledge the influence that that single individual had on human history, probably having the greatest impact on civilization before, say, Gutenberg.

So replacing the dating system with an arbitrary and artificial construct alienates everybody and solves nothing.