Saturday, May 29, 2010


There are some who believe that humor should be crafted with the precision of a scalpel, not the blunt force of a sledgehammer. Then, there are days that I want to reach for that sledgehammer. Not that I'm usually accused of being subtle with my humor, except for the occasional quip meant to fly by many and be caught as an extra by a few.

What brings this on is yesterday's comic. I liked it simplicity, and the fact that it didn't take too much of my time. I spent as much time on the math in the comic as I did on the artwork. And I proudly showed it off around the Teacher Center yesterday.

And no one got it.

It looked like a regular mathematical illustration from a textbook, which in a way, could be a compliment. (heh, I almost spelled that with an "e" instead of an "i".) The pun was in the title, which everyone seemed to bypass like so many students skipping directions. At least we had a few "Oh, now I get it!" moments.

Now, where did I put that sledgehammer ...

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