Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday: Super-Stick-Man #16: Enter Pretzel-Stick-Man

The second Sunday installment of Super-Stick-Man can be seen here.

As the title says, this one features the notorious Pretzel Stick Man.
Yeah, this is kind of where it started to get really, really weird.


My high school English teacher was a comic book fan and one of the main reasons I kept doing this strip. He'd even asked, "Burkey, where's the new Stick-Man? I haven't seen one in a while."

He was also a stickler for spelling. Misspelled words were an automatic 10 point deduction on essays. Seriously, one A student had an error with a comma and would've received a 97 -- except for three spelling mistakes, which lowered the grade to 67. No exceptions, even though he thought the essay was "brilliant".

So it's funny today to realize that he never pointed out that I had misspelled "Sinister" at the bottom of the page. Granted, it was page 2 of a four-page booklet, but I'm sure that he should have noticed it. And I probably would've corrected it right then and there.

Well, it's been wrong for 27 years. It can stay wrong.

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