Monday, March 17, 2008

Lunacon 2008: Costumes and T-shirts

One of the things that I like about Lunacon are the costumes worn by fans and pros alike. The best costumes are saved for the Masquerade, but others, usually simpler costumes are worn throughout the day. For some, it's just a matter of wearing a cape or a hat or tail just for the chance to be a little different. And for the first time in a few years, I brought an outfit to wear Saturday evening while the masquerade was going on.

That said, the most attention I got was actually for two T-shirts that I wore. On Saturday, I had on the Speed Racer shirt that I picked up a year ago at Target. I must've been stopped about a dozen times to be asked about the movie, the trailer and the old series. On Sunday, I wore a "Thing 2" shirt and endured an hour of "Where's Thing 1?" and a couple of hours of "I just saw Thing 1 over there!" (My brother was wearing "Thing 1".)

None of this bothered me, mind you. In fact, the shirts served their purpose ever better than expected. They were great conversation starters even though I didn't really expect them to be. And even though I was surrounded by friendly people with similar interests, breaking into a conversation isn't always easy. Sure, I'm good at it once it starts moving, but that the trouble is getting it started.(*)

Funny thing was that this year no one started a conversation with "Nice cape."

(*)Obligatory math content for my students checking up on their teacher: This is true with math problems, especially the word problems. They are easy to solve once you can get them started. Knowing where and how to start is usually the hardest thing.
Also, you now know that once a year, your math teacher walks around a hotel wearing a cape.

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tjburke said...

given some of the things I've seen people wearing at lunacon, its really odd that someone rolled their eyes at my Thing 1 shirt.