Thursday, January 03, 2008

Definition: Polygon

Polly is gone
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Anonymous said...

this website sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! you dont even have what i was looking for you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(x, why?) said...

Thank you for your eloquent anonymous comments.

What were you looking for that you couldn't find?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your website is probably the biggest waste of time of my life and you should just stop being an idiot an actually put down what the hell a polygon is u POTTY-MOUTH MATERIAL DELETED

(x, why?) said...

You're pretty classy, you know that?

I have a better question: why don't you pick up a dictionary and look up the definition?

Or why don't you go to a website that defines math terms like, oh, I don't know, say,

Or why aren't you even brave enough to identify yourself instead of hiding behind an "anonymous" tag.

But the biggest conundrum of all is this:

If this website is such a waste of your time, why would you come back to it THREE WEEKS later???

Anonymous said...

Regarding the message i kind of think that the guy who put the anonymous comment was right because i mean you dont really have the definition of the term polygon yet your page says Definition:Polygon
you might want to think about that.

(x, why?) said...

And you may wish to think about the fact that the page also says:

"A weblog of math-related cartoons and images, math humor and general math discussion"

If you would or the other person named Anonymous would like to have a general math discussion about polygons, I would welcome it.

On the other hand, it should be obvious that underneath the title "Definition: Polygon" was a cartoon with a punny definition. You may or may not find it amusing, but it is what should be expected from this page.

If anonymous was seriously that desperate for the definition of a polygon, I am surprised that time was wasted attacking me for providing what I provide and for not providing what was wanted. And I am more suprised by the vitriol and foul language used to express his (or her) unhappiness. Obviously, it was a bad hit from the search engine.

I'm also curious how you found this page because no matter how many ways I try I cannot get either Google or Yahoo to point to this page in the first 10 hits.

And yet somehow, two Anonymous people found this one particular entry. (And how did you know it was a "guy" anyway? You might owe "her" an apology.)

Again, I refer you "both" to

zxq9 said...

Inaccurate definition on Wikipedia: non-event

Lack of mathematical definition on webcomic page: OUTRAGE OVER CRIMES AGAINST THE INNERTUBES!!1!