Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Can The Mystic Ball read your mind?

Check out "The Mystic Ball" at

UPDATE: This is not the same Mystic Ball site that was originally posted in 2006, which is a shame because that was a good one.

Did it read your mind? Did it guess the right symbol?
More importantly, can you explain how it was done?


Anonymous said...

Michael Johnson from the 7th and 9th period class.
It is all based on probability, it cannot actually read your mind but because the symbols repeat themselves therefore it has a certain probabilty in getting the number you get right.

(x, why?) said...

You are correct that it can't read your mind, and that the symbols do repeat themselves.

However, it isn't a probability problem. Probability would tell you how likely it might be that you picked a symbol. The Mystic Ball gets it right every time.

There is a mathematical explanation for it.

Anonymous said...

you guys are wrong the symbol is based on the number 9 so any number you pick and do the subracting thing it will equal the symbol from number 9. so if you pick 69 then subtract 15 because 6+9=15

69-15= the symbol from number 9

Anonymous said...

mr burke is just too lazy too explain it or he just doesnt know it.i am bored right now.did you hear my new song " my life "also with the game

(x, why?) said...

Actually, my students and I discussed this problem in class about two years ago, but I left the problem up for fun.

Thanks for playing.